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Feminine Intimate Wisdom and Sexual Empowerment Practices that Every Woman Should Know

October 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2022 in Lisbon

Friday 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Saturday and Sunday 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

SELF-PLEASURE as a deep bond of HONOR to yourself.

The course aims to demystify the belief that female pleasure depends on another (partner) responsible for eroticism, pleasure, and moments of ecstasy that we experience in our erotic-sexual experience.

Yes… it’s true that our partner contributes a lot to the stimulation of our orgasmic sensitivity; however, they can only do so to the extent that we have previously accessed that sensitivity ourselves. Until we ourselves have already known the place of pleasure and ecstasy in our body and heart.

Yes… it’s true that they can help access our orgasmic sensitivity; however, they can only do so to the extent that we already have access to our sensitivity, already know the place of pleasure and ecstasy within us.

The belief that someone else is the protagonist or controls our pleasure only further distances us from our body, making us visitors to ourselves, causing emotional confusion, affecting our self-esteem, self-love, and, above all, causing a loss of identification with our nature.

Female sexual and erotic illiteracy, lack of knowledge about our own bodies, and the “physiology” of our orgasm have numerous consequences for our relationships, particularly pointing to profoundly malnourished sexual relationships, lacking intimacy, and often devoid of truth.

I mention the lack of truth because it is a fact that there have been many studies on female sexual dysfunction that reveal the significant percentage of women who FAKE ORGASMS.

By getting to know yourself, you strengthen your SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM.

By not faking your pleasure, you are providing valuable information to your emotional and spiritual body that YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are creating a deep bond with yourself of HONOR and GRATITUDE, of SELF-WORTH, LOVE, and ECSTASY, dignifying your SOUL, your BODY, your temple, HONORING YOUR EXISTENCE.

When we share our sexuality with someone and achieve an orgasm, we are signalling to our partner what type of stimulation truly gives us pleasure. If you provide the wrong information, they will have no reason to change their actions, and they will perpetually be unable to give you pleasure. After all, you demonstrate pure ecstasy and are destined for the coldness of an UNSATISFACTORY sexual relationship for eternity!

Thus, the responsibility for knowing what gives you pleasure, understanding your sexual needs, and what you truly enjoy in a relationship is EXCLUSIVELY YOURS. You should not force the other person to make this discovery for you, putting them in an unfair and highly responsible/stressful situation.


It’s essential to commit yourself to experience ecstasy and the JOY OF BEING ALIVE in your body! It is the most effective medicine I know for a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Furthermore, by saying YES to yourself, the other person will also say YES to you! They will RESPECT, HONOR, and admire you. There won’t be room to do otherwise because that space doesn’t exist within you, so it won’t exist in them either <3

The anatomy of the YONI (vulva) is known to be the protagonist of female pleasure. Indeed, studies conducted in the last century indicate that the CLITORIS plays a central role in a woman’s pleasure, considering its size, position, and the entire anterior wall of our yoni, which is extremely erogenous sensitive. The proper stimulation of a group of glands (clito-urethro-vaginal complex) known as the G-spot contributes immensely to the waves of pleasure that we deserve!

But what this course really aims to add is that the true G-SPOT, the most capable of them all, is YOUR BODY!

Our entire body is an erogenous zone! Everywhere, there are nerve endings that, when stimulated, bring the greatest pleasure! Being CARESSED WITH PRESENCE, TOUCHED WITH AWARENESS, STIMULATED, and LOVED with the ENTIRE BODY. It’s PURE ECSTASY!

This course aims to create a deeper bond of INTIMACY WITH YOURSELF, help you explore and know your intimate physiognomy, the physiology of your pleasure, engage with your body, APPRECIATE it, DELIGHT in it, and above all, MASTURBATE AS AN ACT OF SELF-LOVE.

Getting to know yourself is where you will strengthen your SELF-CONFIDENCE and SELF-ESTEEM.

The key to this?



How does the course take place?


3 days

It takes place over 3 days, with a limited number of registrations.


It’s an online course so that in a place of privacy, where you feel safe and comfortable, you can study and practice all the material we will provide.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive content and practical tips to work on throughout the course. The content will be sent in Ebook, audio, and video formats and discussed in a group.


What will you learn?


Intimate physiology and pleasure anatomy


Mindfulness of self-pleasure for sexual dysfunction


Benefits of a conscious intimate practice and contribution to soul healing


Sabotaging factors of full pleasure


Differences between orgasm, ejaculation, and squirting