Learning body-based EROTIC and RELATIONAL practises,

RELATIONAL TRAUMA healing: polivagal theory informed,

Bounderies, needs, LONGINGS and desires,

SAFE dating and

INTEGRATING EROS, through Sacred Sexuality.


with morning YOGA,




Together we will give an opportunity to change our perception around

Integrating relational education, in the way we never got at school!

What the human soul craves most is connection.

As soon as we are born into the world, we inherit an attachment system whose primary function is to ensure survival.

As we know, the attachment stile can be  more or less healthy, depending on how the world welcomed us ensuring our basic vital needs at a physical as well as emotional level.

We come into the world without a system of self-regulation, tmeaning that in our childhood, we couldn’t regulate our biology or survive without an adult providing us the biological necessities as food, shelter, hygiene care… or in an emotional level with enough nourishment… love, care, presence, and a sense of inner safety, protecting us every time we yearn for it.

It is the quality of the co-regulation process in our early child connections with our caretakers that defines the way in which we relate to others in our adult romantic life and broad social relationships.

The example of intimacy and bonding we had in our childhood  play the biggest role in the kind of emotional attachment style we develop in our adult romantic connections. 

Emotional attachment is a survival strategy with a single purpose: Safety

The truth is that many of us have no healthy examples of connection and  intimacy!

Most of us know how emotional triggers, which  tends to sabotage our experiences of connection in this life!

This emotional, erotic and sexual reality inhibit us, from creating safe, trustful and  loving relations with others in the here and now moment, in the present. We feel scared, dissociated, numb, lost in relationship, we struggle with loneliness in our personal inner reality.

This gathering invite us to move from this cognitive understanding to a safe,  trusting and fulfilling new intimate reality.

Through mindful awareness, we bring awareness to the unconscious patterns which underpin our relationships.

Encouraging the vibrante experience of connection through different somatic relating approaches, restoring our sense of inner security, cultivating internal and external grounding, and a strong sense of belonging, all of which are crucial to improve our relationships. Repairing conflict in a loving way, and use misattunements as a growth resource.

It’s a heart-based connection which generates  a deep surrendering to unconditional love, while allowing us to transcend neediness and the fear of commitment, but also to overcome isolation, shame, and trauma in a loving way.

Is a trust based connection that lead us to an authentic and nurturing intimacy…
offering our soul a growth opportunity.

Together we seed  a culture of trust and fearless love, taking care of each other’s hearts, bringing our deepest fears, desires & needs around human connection  towards light, making peace with shadow work, in a conscious relating positive space, without judgment, repression, shame or guilt, we will be collectively devoted to growth and transformation.

“Trust is the foundation of any relationship and one of the most erotic things there is.”
Maria del mar


Firsttt: We start to believe we have a map to navigate human relationships!

Intimacy matters

Understanding the importance of getting more intimate with yourself!

Welcoming you to your body, making it a primordial home, a temple where safety is an inner condition in service to your life force expression, allowing sensation to inform and update about what it means and feels to be you… aligning it up with your place in the world, honoring your soul.

Connecting with yourself

Connecting with yourself, your body and your nervous system before you move into connecting with others: Somatic embodiment practices to re-sensitize your body while cultivating a  new neuronal reality to celebrate SENSATION, PLEASURE AND THE ALIVENESS in your being.

Body wisdom

Body wisdom and your own inner poetry through sensations, energetic and anatomical mapping techniques, which reveal non-conscious but implicit ancestral

Tuning into your inner

Tuning into your inner YES & NO as well as into the  authentic expression of your own needs, longings & desires, redefining your emotional and erotic identity.

Vagal Gymnastic

Find your centre through exercising the tone and capacity of your vagal nerve, while creating an inner sense of safety by knowing your nervous system and how to regulate it.


Gaining confidence in expressing and setting limits reflecting what is true for you in each moment.


How to relate and communicate consciously and effectively.

Reclaiming your body

Reclaiming your body as an emotional and sensorial instrument of profound connection with yourself and with others.

Integrating eros

Connection is the  fundamental aspect of human sexuality. Directly linked to one’s authentic truth, is the highest expression of intimacy we have with ourselves and with those we love.

A non healthy  or difficult connection to our heart, to our truth, to our soul, always promote a sense of internal rupture, defragmentation of our higher self, pulling us away from our erotic identity.

We become disconnected from our primordial essence, promoting not only spiritual confusion, but even the feeling of not owning our body, like a visitor of our own temple  making relationships poor and empty…

Often prioritizing and emphasizing a dysfunctional sexuality absent of genuine nourishment.


We stand for love and genuine intimacy,  the living eroticism and mutual care. 

Our invitation is to rethink sexuality as deeper intimacy, and erotic expression as authentic and nurturing connection. 


To talk about human love relating and intimacy we always need to talk about nervous system!

Creating an inner sense of safety, by getting to know the nervous system and how to regulate it.
A secure nervous system leads to the best relationships, the deepest love,
and the hottest parasympathetic orgasmic experience <3

Building up trust practices:

The invitation is to develop a true sense of security! Because fear is something very old, and it is many times very sophisticated, impeding us to experience life in a wild and vibrant manner. The neurotic parts of us tend to kill the erotic parts of us. The neurotic is afraid to  feel, avoiding to experience life vibrantly,  not exposing himself to fear. Trust is a sensory state because the senses are the doors to the internal and external world. They modulate, open and close according to the attention and significance we give and receive from the world. So we can say that trust is strongly interweaved with the somatic …

Rediscovering your erotic innocence...

And heart vibration in a space of trust, consent and inspirit.

Standing for your own needs:

Learning how to master your erotic experience.

Giving yourself an opportunity...

To change your interpretation around love and intimacy.

Transforming your personal fear...

Shame, and trauma around your own sexual identity.

Embracing yourself fully:

Include all parts of your body and soul from a stance of love and acceptance, through the mirroring of others.

Finding out how to surrender...

To deep states of FREEDOM and ECSTASY has nothing to do with others but everything to do with you. You are the author of your own sexual and intimate reality.

Giving a chance to commit...

To the present moment, in which you can authentically meet your own essence, tuning into your own intimacy and soul purpose.

Rescuing your body’s erotic intelligence...

Activating the senses as portals to your soul, making it the bridge between spirit and  intimate pleasures.

We will make an initiation to conscious touch (sacred touch)

Activating, remembering and reconnecting the nerve endings of our bodies (afferent C-type fibers), which are responsible for the sensations associated with pleasure. Rescuing the body’s sensitivity to pleasure is fundamental for an intimate experience that goes beyond the conscious.

*We invite nakedness but it’s not mandatory. You’re free to decided whats the best for you, not interfering with the others one choice.

We feel CONFORTABLE & VIBRANT  in our own skin <3




8:00- Yoga Morning Practice

9:15-10:00 – Juice fasting (fruits and vegetables juice, tea, and coffee and fruits. 

10:15- 11h00 – Family pods/meeting

11:00-13:00 – Morning Conscious Intimacy and Heart-Connection practice

13:00-14:00 Lunch

14:00-16:30 Free time

16:30-18:00 – Afternoon Conscious Intimacy practices,  Sacred Feminine & Masculine, Water Rebirthing,  Cacao Ceremony, etc .

18:30-19:30 Dinner

20:00-22:30: Eros playground, Love Temple & Epic Ecstatic Danse (all optional)



Bruno Cruz

Superation Yoga Morning Practises

Regular yoga classes, workshops, retreats teacher training, mentorship for yoga teachers.

Bruno found in yoga the meaning of life, his place in the world, and the way to serve his purpouse.
He teaches not only regular classes, but also workshops, retreats, teacher trainings and also gives mentorship to teachers who want to go deeper on their teaching skills.
Bruno believes that every human being should live a meaningful life. Thats why he created Superation Yoga School, to empower everyone to reach their full potential and the life they are here to live.

Cátia Leitão

Conscious Intimacy, Relational Trauma healing and sacred Sexuality.

Cátia Leitão was born in the fertile lands of Portugal.

She is a wild creative explorer in the realms of healing, intimacy, sexuality, and life empowerment.

She is a dancer, bodyworker, Sexual therapist, facilitator and practitioner, and founder of Saúde Alquimia íntima para Mulheres (intimate health and alchemy to women), in Portugal.

She had specialized in sexual dysfunctions, conscious fertility, emotional gynecology, pleasure development, emotional release, and conscious touch, at Universidade Nova Sexualidade Humana, in Brazil.


Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance Wave’s, Sound Healing, Inner Child Activation, Embodied Heart-Connection.

To describe Momo in one word, it would be – HEART.

Momo’s medicine is his ability to bring the energy in a space into deep Heart-connection. He guides with softness and simplicity and creates an environment that feels true and safe for those in it.

He serves his purpose of connecting people to their Heart through Sound Healing, Inner Child Activation, Embodied Heart Connection (a practice he developed which combines Movement, Conscious Intimacy and Breathwork), through creating deep Ecstatic Dance Journeys and through Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.

Momo has a profound relationship with the plant medicine of Cacao, and is dedicated to serving Her in his very unique way.

His deep commitment to the Way of Love is expanded by being a loving father to two beautiful Light Beings and he pours out this Love into every thing he does.

Momo has been dedicated fully to offering his medicine since 2017. His service from the heart is manifested through the project Coração de Cacau.

He facilitates retreats and gatherings and plays Ecstatic Dance Sets and Sound Journeys for thousands of people per year in Portugal as well as abroad.

José Pinto

Sacred Masculine & Feminine, Deconstructing Patriarchy, Retreats and Experiences, Permaculture of the Soul, Psycho-emotional Therapy, founder of Raiz do Homem.

It is time for the Masculine and Feminine to join hands in this purpose, so that Men and Women can mutually understand the challenges that each one has, and the enormous healing potential that exists in Conscious Relationships, and in this way be able to better support their own and their partner’s growth processes. 

Laura Carrilho

Water Rebithing, Sacred Feminine, Healing Soul Therapy

She’s a seeker, a Woman, a daughter of the earth, a free spirit.

She’s devoted to empowering and rescuing every Being that comes to her.

Along her path, she trained different healing techniques, such as: Aura reading, Multidimensional Therapy, Meditation, Sacred Feminine, Family Constellations, Shamanism.

She developed the Healing Soul Therapy, which is the basis of her work,  through intuition,  feelings and channeling,  foundations, allied to all these formations and life experiences.

In this Gathering she will Facilitate Water Rebirthing.

Is a methodology that uses conscious circular breathing to promote a deep physical, mental, emotional and energetic rebalancing! In Water!

This breathing can take us to altered states of consciousness, thus taking us to past memories, from this, or even from other lifetimes. 

It’s a powerful tool for self-healing, self-knowledge and expansion of consciousness, purification!

It’s an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, remembering who you are, your purest essence.

João Cascão

Relational neurobiology, Somatic Intimacy, Conscious Movement

João explores a simple way of living in connection with Nature. Between shared experiences, silence, and contemplation, he likes to combine attention and curiosity about the cognitive and somatic components of the Human experience.

Eternal apprentice in modern and ancient healing arts and passionate about the process of seeking soul purpose in harmony with personal relationships and with full acceptance of what is present.

I have always been curious about the origin of different human behaviors and the functioning of the primary mechanisms of action and reaction.

I focus on the relationship between Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, internal Permaculture, and Somatic Psychotherapy in the exploration of the mysteries of Life. This challenge made me travel to Asia, more frequently to India for several years trying to deepen and complement experiences in these areas in order to learn and let myself be absorbed by different traditions, teachers, and training.

Currently, as Somatic Therapist, I use the modalities of Somatic Experiencing and the Triple Vagal Method as powerful tools to build resources and integrate the various aspects of the human condition in order to understand better, embody and accept life itself.



Ana Miguel

Ana Rito

Catarina Silva

Fábio Aleixo

Rita Gonçalves

Sara Castro

Sónia Sakhi





4 nights / Dormitory room
Early Bird: 433€/person
Regular: 463€/person
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4 nights in shared Apartment /
only 2 or max 4 people together
Early Bird: 473€/person
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4 nights in private room / Private bathroom
Early Bird: 593€/person
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4 nights in private room / Private bathroom / Double bed / Ideal for couples or 2 friends
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4 nights in shared yurt
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4 nights in private yurt
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