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Sexuality exists as soon as we are born into the world.
Being human means, in essence, that we are sexual beings.

As sexual beings, we all carry complex biographies.
These biographies can include painful and sometimes even traumatic erotic-affective and/or sexual experiences.

The family education, social and cultural messages that we acquire throughout our lives also end up conditioning the construction of our individuation, as well as our sexual and intimate functioning in relationships.

Sexual health and erotic education are basic human rights.

In my work, I combine the ancient wisdom of the body with a contemporary approach to sexuality studies, invoking the multiple levels of cognitive and emotional intelligence, the inner neurological-somatic resources and the spiritual mystery that each of us carries.

Sex psychotherapy encourages the patient’s psycho-emotional, physiological and neurological reorganization, rebuilding a sense of “self” in a healthy way, rescuing internal security, appealing to the intimate connection with oneself in a deep and authentic way.

We feel good and vibrant in our own skin!

It unveil and deepens your natural erotic intelligence, conecting you with the truth of your heart and purpose in the world.

Dignifying your soul, honouring your existence and supporting you in an empowering and life affirming gift of self discovery. 

Clinical Sexology

Sexual health and rights.

Principle & vision of sacred spiritual traditions

Advaita- Vedanta Tantra,  Taoism, Shamanism and the original Judeo-Christian mysticism.

Somatic psychotherapy and bio-synthesis

Somatic experience, polyvagal theory, Biointegrative Psychotherapy.



Sexological bodywork and somatic sexuality therapy

Somatic Experience & Polivagal

Conscious Fertility

Embodied Intimacy education & trauma informed

Intimacy & Conscious Relating

Sexual Disfunctions

Yoni Yoga (Womb yoga) & vibrational pompoir for women

Emotional Gynecology

Cátia Leitão


We are programmed for states of ecstasy from the moment the female gamete and the male gamete meet in the mother’s womb and conception occurs.

A state of bliss, pure alchemy in a burst of energy, an invocation of the soul. Our soul!

And every subsequent journey, in this world, on this earth, is filled with small metaphorical deaths, deep pains, erotic and neurotic conflicts, which compose the dark nights of our soul.

The more fluent I become in the language of human sexuality, the more fluent I feel in the language of life and death.

(…) The more I invite to delve into the universe of human sexuality, the more I invite to dive into the sacredness that is life.

The study of sexuality is, for me, the study of the principle that is life.

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There are no two experiences alike, and that is the main certainty gained: a new path of discovery, which begins to gain weight throughout the workshop. A weight that accumulates on its own, and at the end of each session, since we close the door of the “room” behind us (without realising it, really).

What each person seeks, the direction of that path, and how we will trace it, belongs to each of us – we may not understand it right away, but with the calmness we owe to our “self” (I learned to respect that), it reveals itself session by session and is never the same as what our initial expectation tries to limit. What this experience allows those who have the courage and truly allow it is the revelation of a conscious journey, along which, if we are attentive, we can shelter ourselves in the comfort and inner strength that, with all due respect, Pragita teaches us “is here,” within us, so that we can expand “out there” without fear of gratitude, of being, and of deserving. Attention – a side effect of an excessive desire to be happy. It’s a must 😉


It is imperative, this place of knowledge and expansion of the feminine… Long live you for giving us so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you…


The courses with Cátia are fantastic! A discovery on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. It helps us to have a more open heart towards our sexuality and sensuality. I highly recommend it, it’s really good.


It resides within me immense gratitude. Gratitude to Life, to the Universe, to you Cátia, to the women who courageously leaped into the unknown alongside me on this journey of self-discovery.

I have participated in several groups and gatherings on sacred sexuality, the reclaiming of the Sacred Feminine, yoga, tantra. I have received and taken courses on tantric massage, yoni massage, but it was in this encounter where I found true feminine empowerment. It was in this one where I found what I have been seeking.

I appreciated the immense organized knowledge, wisdom, method, intuition, care, total dedication! Since then, gratitude resides within me.

Gratitude for the privilege of having been part of this experience, for having drunk from this source!


Upcoming Events

Tantra & Inner Alchemy for Couples (beginner level)

24 – 26 February 2024

In this workshop, we will deepen the intimate connection between couples based on the original neo-tantric teachings, tracing the path back to the heart, in the utmost capacity to be authentically present at every step of this journey.

07 – 30 March 2024

A profound rediscovery of oneself in a place of healing, empowerment, and feminine transformation.

Tantra & Inner Alchemy for Couples (advanced level)

25 – 26 March 2024

A two-day intensive experience, where the couple, in a comfortable environment of respect and friendship, will explore and learn various TANTRIC PRACTICES and MASSAGE techniques.

“No matter where you are, you feel at home, because that feeling of home is the divine within you”

Panache Desai