women’s intimate awareness

Sexuality, Relationships & Eroticism

13-Week Online Program

The most comprehensive program to understand Women’s Intimate Alchemy.

An approach that invites a new perspective on vital topics such as the history of female pleasure, sexual and erotic education for women, sexual dysfunctions and traumatic dynamics, intimacy (with oneself and with others), emotional involvement in relationships, marital bonds, the chemistry of the erotic, the anatomy of human pleasure, the reclaiming of pleasure in the body, the right to ecstasy, and the dignification of the soul…


It’s online so that in a place of privacy where you feel safe and comfortable, you can study and practice all the material we will provide.

Anywhere in the world.


3 Months

Throughout the course, exclusive content and practical tips will be provided for you to work on.


Every Monday

Live classes, every Monday, from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

You will have access to over 20 hours of recorded live classes!

*Participants will have access to the VIMEO platform where all classes and supporting materials will be available throughout the 3 months. If, for any reason, you cannot attend a class, you will always have access to it at any time during the course period.

A careful look at the psycho-emotional foundations of women.

The World Health Organization (WHO) establishes health as one of the 4 pillars for assessing the quality of a healthy life in society. The right to women’s sexual health goes far beyond the cure of an illness or disease; it is a right that implies…

The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of women…

As women, we have been disconnected from the true power of our eroticism and our sexuality… there is a long history of suppressing female sexuality and shame. Repression has not only diminished our vitality and creative expression but has also conditioned human relationships.


In Clinical Psychotherapy, we believe that when the erotic is repressed, the Neurotic emerges…

Some facts you should know…

Erotic energy is nothing more than the full flow of our vital energy, granting us the necessary vitality and pure joy of living. From the moment there is interruption or blockage of this energy flow, space opens up for denser or negative feelings and emotions that ultimately trigger behaviours and attitudes in intimate relationships out of sync with our heart.

In this course, we will take the time and space needed to look at our intimate and sexual history, as well as our relationships, from a conscious perspective, with the compassion and empathy that our personal history deserves.

By repressing our erotic energy, the maturation of our soul slows down, contributing to widening the gap between sexual biological maturity and psycho-emotional maturity, once again disconnecting the heart from our sexuality. Deeply nourishing relationships, void of intimacy, and often lacking truth are the result.

It is a course that invites you to create a profound connection with yourself of HONOR AND GRATITUDE, of SELF-WORTH, and SELF-LOVE, dignifying your SOUL, your BODY, your TEMPLE, HONORING YOUR EXISTENCE.

The Program

1st Module

Erotic and Sexual Education:

From the history of sexuality to the anatomy of pleasure.

✓ History of Human Sexuality

✓ Sexual and Erotic Literacy of Women

✓ The Anatomy of Pleasure

✓ Emotional Gynaecology with a focus on Sexual Dysfunction

✓ Authorship of Female Pleasure

✓ Human Sexual Response (Female vs Male)

✓ Female Orgasm

2nd Module

Relationships and Types of Bonds:

Neurobiology of security in relationships, marital bond, and the absence of desire in relationships.

✓ Neurobiology of security: Childhood developmental trauma and adult response in love relationships.

✓ Love vs Desire

✓ The senses and passion

✓ Healthy communication in relationships (marital intimacy)

3rd Module

The Right to Pleasure:

Celebrating ecstasy, the chemistry of the erotic, learning to give and receive pleasure, the art of intimate and sexual touch.

✓ Female Self-Pleasure as a Dignification of Our Existence.

✓ The art of conscious touch (Air, Fire, Earth & Water)

✓ Physiology of pleasure:

– Learning to give her pleasure

– Learning to give him pleasure

✓ Course closing ritual


Cátia Leitão

Lead Facilitator

Cátia Leitão was born in the fertile lands of Portugal and lives between Lisbon and the Algarve. She is the founder and creator of the project Health & Intimate Alchemy of Women, a space dedicated to supporting the psycho-emotional, sexual, and intimate health of women from a conscious and humanized perspective. Her work is primarily in the field of conscious sexuality: female sexual therapy with a specialization in sexual dysfunction, somatic psychotherapy, conscious fertility, emotional gynaecology, Yoni de-armouring & Yoni-healing in a therapeutic approach of womb yoga and intimate gymnastics. As a therapist and facilitator, she provides individual therapy in person and online, facilitates courses and workshops dedicated to women’s intimate health, sexual literacy, and pleasure expansion, as well as Yoni Yoga & Vibrational Pompoarism. For mixed groups and couples, she facilitates retreats on Sex Magic Empowerment, Conscious Intimacy, and Pleasure Alchemy, as well as Sex-Positive Space Celebrations, with a strong focus on the sacred energy of the heart. She enjoys the divine and tantric experience that life offers, inviting those around her to savour this way of existence. Her intention is to inspire and nourish all those who feel the call for a more liberated and ecstatic life.


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